Saskatoon Berry

Saskatoon Berry


Prairie Berries Inc. is Canada’s largest grower and processor specializing in Saskatoon berries. What started out as a family farm in Keeler, SK, has grown tremendously over the years to keep up with the customer demand: its now owned by 3rd generation family members

From its 130 acre orchard and processing facility, Prairie Berries produces a retail line of gourmet homemade-inspired products:

  • Fruit spread
  • Sundae style fruit topping
  • Syrup boasting, all natural, no sugar added, no additives, no preservatives.
  • Dark covered chocolate berries
  • Dried Saskatoon berries, high in fibre, phenols and anthpcyanins.

Experience the unique flavour of Canada’s prestigious prairie grown Saskatoon berries as an ingredient in muffins, smoothies, fruit fillings, yogurts, fruit bars, pie fillings, and beverages. They are Saskatchewan’s homegrown super fruit!

  • A rich source of mineral and fiber;
  • Rich in natural antioxidants; Rich in vitamin E;
  • High antioxidant power (ORAC);
  • Low in sodium.