Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

In addition to managing its own agri-commodity and food product categories, Hanfood is heavily involved in strategic sourcing of key commodities on behalf of its customers and global trading.

With Hanfood’s grain-processing terminal project in Nipawin under construction and its close and long-lasting relationship with the local farmers, Hanfood will start buying grain from farmers in northeastern Saskatchewan before the end of the year.

Hanfood also boasts its strategic sourcing teams with its recently opened U.S location in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as well as a location in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. As a result, a sustainable relationship between Asian, especially Chinese, consumers and local farms will be fostered by providing convenient and cost-effective alternatives.

The key attributes that differentiate Hanfood and contribute to positioning the group as a key
strategic sourcing and trading partner are:

  • Market intelligence and knowledge of the different supply markets, origins and spot markets
  • Strategic sourcing and procurement optimization capabilities with internally dedicated teams
  • Established long-term agreements and relations with preferred local suppliers
  • Negotiating powers leveraging group trading volumes; hence minimizing risks and costs
  • Efficiency and economy of scale on overall logistics operations and movement of goods
  • Hedging strategies and mitigation strategies against prices and exchange rates fluctuations