Hanfood will be establishing operations on Railway Avenue in Nipawin, Saskatchewan

Hanfood will be establishing operations on Railway Avenue in Nipawin, Saskatchewan

With the growing demand for safe high quality diverse grains becoming a global issue, the world is beginning to turn its attention on Nipawin. As this region produces some of the best in the industry.

At the Evergreen Convention Centre, the announcement was made today that Hanfood will be establishing operations on Railway Avenue by first constructing a new high through-put grain terminal. With the handling capacity of 46000 ton of oil seed.
Plans are in the works to also build a 134 grain car loop attaching to the CP rail line, that would make Nipawin the location of the 2nd loop that size in their system.

The new high through-put terminal is projected to load all rail cars in approximately 12 hours, this is the incentive that will ensure CP rail cars will be brought here to be loaded for transporting grain to ports.

Andy Hu, President of Hanfood has an engineering background along with being the 19th generation of a farming family, said at the conference that he sees the potential Nipawin, “It is my opinion that Nipawin will be one of the top producers of grain in the world, this is the best possible place to do business.” Hu goes on to say, and that he is impressed with the advanced agricultural techniques in Saskatchewan and Nipawin.

According to research done by the business developers and stakeholders, Nipawin is strategically placed to access all four points of the compass for exporting.

A team of some of the best in agriculture management, global marketing, and Canadian grain handling were assembled for this project. Working with Town council and the Reeves of the RM of Nipawin and Torch River to build on this potential.

Mayor Dave Trann said “Economic development has been a 3 year focus for council, welcoming foreign investors, engaging different levels of government for developing a strategic plan in creating a free trade zone. The economic impact of this is huge.”

Kevin Dahl, International Grain Handling Specialist and Canadian representative says “The focus will be on the Asian market that will expand into Europe. China says they’re hungry, we as producers want to feed them.”

Dahl also had this to add in his statement to the press, “This would create nearly 45 new jobs in Nipawin, and since I’m the aggressive one of the group if it were up to me we would start building tomorrow. But something will be happening here very soon.”