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Hanfood for your healthy life

Hanfood is committed to providing safe and healthy food for global consumption. The fully integrated value chain of Hanfood ensures that 100% of Hanfood products come from a natural environment of fresh air, pure water and clean soil. Hanfood’s team personally produces, processes and transports safe and healthy Canadian products, with the goal of allowing all customers to taste the delicious, natural Canadian food. All of Hanfood’s products have been inspected by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) to assure food safety. Enjoy your healthy life with Hanfood products, anytime, anywhere.

Our headquarters, Hanfood Holding Group Corp., is located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, at the center of some of the world’s most productive grain, oilseed and feed regions, exporting 50 million tonnes annually. Currently, Hanfood works with Canadian farmers and exports high quality Canadian grains, oilseeds, feed, and finished food products, such as Canola Oil, White Honey, Wild Rice, and Flax Products etc.

In the very near future, Hanfood will drastically increase and diversify their commodity portfolio to include North American grown small and coarse grains and pulses. Hanfood utilizes Vancouver and Prince Rupert as the origin ports for exporting products to Asian market. Currently, Hanfood has already set up a branch in Tianjin for providing better services to Chinese customers. Hanfood also has plans to establish other branches in the other part of China in the future.


Providing safe, healthy food for global consumption


To be Canada’s leading, fully integrated food company