Our Business

Our Business


Hanfood manages more than 40,000 acres of farmlands in Saskatchewan, the “bread basket” of Canada; its reputation means that grain grown here has the best quality in the world, with high protein and abundant nutrients. Our skilled professionals farm and supervise the entire process to ensure the quality of our grains. We are proud to say that all of Hanfood’s grain is grown in a safe and non-polluted environment.

Grain Terminals in Canada

We collaborate with local farmers and terminals in Saskatchewan which provide primary processing services: cleaning, drying, blending and handling. Our dedicated and experienced inspection team conducts tests on physical and nutritional aspects of grains such as protein, moisture, ash and others to ensure that only the best products are delivered to the consumers.

Processing Industry

By working with honey apiaries, canola and flax oil producers and other food processing plants, our team is able to deliver great retail food products as well. Our production team makes use of carefully selected raw materials and proprietary methods to produce Hanfood’s safe and healthy retail food.

Logistics & Supply Chain

We carefully control our product systems, starting with sourcing only the finest products, continuing clean processing controls and maintaining safe deliveries. Our complete control over the process ensures that our customers are receiving the highest quality Canadian food products which meet top safety standards and are delivered in a timely manner.

International Trading

We use the highly efficient Vancouver and Prince Rupert ports as our origin ports for exporting products to the Asian market. Our agricultural commodities include North American grown barley, wheat, oats, DDGS, while our popular retail foods consist of Canola Oil, Ice Honey, Flax Oil Milled Flaxseed, Wild Rice etc. among others.

To know more about Hanfood products, please visit hanfood.ca.

Global Operations

Currently, Hanfood has already set up a branch in Tianjin for providing better services to Chinese customers. Hanfood also has plans to establish other branches in the other Chinese cities in the future.