About Hanfood

We are a Canadian Primary, Processing, Product and Global Trading firm headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

We are committed to providing safe, healthy and tasty food for global consumption.

Our fully integrated value chain will produce safe and non-polluted products, accessed by Hanfood, processed by Hanfood and transported by Hanfood.

Enjoy your healthy life with Hanfood products, anytime, anywhere.

Our Strength

  • Fully integrated value chain

    Accessed by Hanfood, processed by Hanfood and transported by Hanfood

  • Strategic sourcing

    Our strategic sourcing teams in U.S. and Canada will find the best products for you.

  • Professional teamwork

    Strong, professional and experienced team in farming, sourcing, testing, processing, transporting and marketing

  • Best quality food

    Growing in Canadian, non-polluted environment, processed in qualified processing industries and inspected by CFIA and USDA

  • Unique logistics& supply chain

    Managing the flow of our products from the source, through processing and transporting, to thefinal delivery to our customers